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About Us

Originally Le Petit Cafe, it was reborn Hot Honey on Cup Day 2005 to owners Emma Binks and Andrea Brook. A year or so later, Andrea moved on to her own cafe in Elwood-Wild Organic, but Hot Honey has continued to provide its customers with great coffee, food and service!

Emma Binks at Hot Honey

The name, in part, is derived from the delicious cold extracted honey that the owners’ father produces. Bill has several busy hives all across Victoria, in which the bees make honey from Yellow Box, Grey Box and other Eucalyptus trees. You will see the honey used in several menu dishes such as the Muesli Pot, as well as the increasingly popular HONEY JOYS (such an ‘oldie but a goodie’—and mostly consumed by adults not children!) We also sell jars of the beautiful honey at the cafe.

The owner, Emma, wants everyone to feel welcome, and be able to enjoy delicious new tastes as well as old favourites, that fit into the ‘comfort food’ realm. On weekends it really is all about the breakfasts.

We serve breakfast until 3, and the favourites continue to be the Cornbread, Tomato and Fetta Turkish and Middle Eastern Eggs. Of course, the traditional ‘Poach Combo’ breakfasts, with bacon and eggs combinations are still popular. Hot Honey also has a delicious lunch menu, with a Daily Special offered on the display counter.

Morning and afternoon tea is always on offer…everything is made on premise. Princess Orange Cup Cakes, Chocolate Mudcakes, Berry Meringues, Banana and Walnut Cake, Honey Oat Slice, Lemon Slice and Cardamom and Hazelnut Cakes (gluten free)…the list goes on…!

We offer Hot Honey as a venue for a private dinner or evening functions such as engagements and birthdays.   If you want to enjoy the nighttime food and atmosphere on Armstrong Street, call us now to book your private function at Hot Honey.

The staff are fabulous, friendly and fast. We look forward to looking after you on your next visit.

I grew up in suburban Melbourne and was so blessed to have a mum and two grandmas who were passionate cooks.

Emma Binks at Hot Honey Cafe

My earliest memories are of wonderful working smells… there was always some home baked treat waiting when we got home from school… lemon or chocolate cake, yo-yo’s, ANZAC biscuits… just delicious!

We also had Greek and Italian neighbours. I loved being part of their `sauce day’ – boiling, pureeing and bottling hundreds of tomatoes to make the `tomato sauce’ – sticky and tired at the end of a long day I just felt special to be a part of it all.

Emma at Hot Honey Cafe

The neighbour’s birthday parties and celebrations always centered around a huge table laden with all sorts of yummy food. This, combined with my mum’s skill behind the stove, formed the foundation for my love of food, cooking and hospitality.

I trust you enjoy our food and enthusiastic service.

Emma Binks

PS. A special thanks to my dad, Bill, who is the beekeeper, a great pizza maker and the inspiration for my cafe name.